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24/7 nationwide coverage

so you can drive worry-free.

We’ve all been there: You drive through a construction zone or a poorly paved road and bam!… flat tire. You think you remember how to switch out the tire and put on a spare, but when you look in your trunk, the spare tire is out of air too. What do you do?

When you are on the road, anything can happen.  The car battery could die, you might lock your keys in the car or even run out of gas. Are you prepared?

With RoadSide, you are always prepared.

Coverage during breakdowns, lockouts, flat tires, and more

How does
it work?

As a RoadSide member, you can drive with peace of mind no matter what car you are in while traveling in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. Your membership includes you and one other member of your household as long as either of you are with the vehicle, even as a passenger.

24/7/365 day roadside assistance

Call any time, day or night, on any day of the year.  Our RoadSide dispatchers will be there to arrange for qualified professional roadside assistance.   We will get you back on the road right away or tow your car to the nearest repair facility of your choice.

Disabled vehicle service

Whether you have a flat tire, run out of gas, your car won’t start or you are stuck in a ditch, our RoadSide dispatchers will be able to assist. We only work with reputable vehicle towing services to send professional help your way.

Lock out service

Many of the newer car alarm systems are tricky and may automatically lock the car when you leave, even if you accidentally leave your keys in the car. With your RoadSide membership, you will have access to a qualified locksmith to help you retrieve your keys.

Car rental discounts

Your RoadSide membership makes renting a vehicle easy and affordable. Whether you are renting a compact car, SUV, luxury automobile or motor home, your membership gives you exclusive discounts when you book through your online member portal or by calling one of our helpful representatives.

Did you know?
Newer vehicles—specifically, those less than five years old—are significantly more likely to experience tire, key and fuel-related issues than older vehicles.


With RoadSide, you get help for all this and much more!

24/7 comprehensive roadside assistance

Car won't start service: battery jump-start and minor car adjustments

Flat tire service: replacement of spare tire

Out of Fuel service: free delivery, only pay the current pump price

Lockout service: keys retrieved or new replacement lock

24/7 dispatch service

Car stuck service: tow or winch from ditch, mud or snow

Towing service (up to 15 miles included)

3 Callouts per year included

Car & RV rental discounts

New and used car buying comparison tool


Why would I purchase RoadSide?

Our RoadSide product provides peace of mind for all auto-related emergency services to members whose vehicles are disabled. Emergency services are dispatched via a toll-free emergency dispatch service number. Members can call our toll-free customer service number listed on their membership card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to request dispatch service, and we will send help to their disabled vehicle from a participating facility.

What is the cost for RoadSide?

RoadSide is $19.99 per month for a single subscription, or purchase with any 3 or more Viv Lifestyle Products and save 50% on each product, meaning you pay just $10 per month for RoadSide!

When does my membership become active?

Your membership will become active within 48 hours of registration. Your information will be activated in our database, and you may begin using the emergency RoadSide service by calling the toll-free number printed on your membership card or provided on the membership website.

Is there a toll-free number I can call for service?

Yes, RoadSide service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the toll-free number printed on your membership card or available in your online member portal.

Will I receive a membership card explaining the benefits?

Yes. The membership card and welcome packet will be emailed to you after your enrollment information has been successfully processed. Your membership card will detail your toll-free service number, group code and membership number. You can also access this information in your online member portal.

Does my membership cover me in any car?

Yes. Coverage applies to you as an individual member, plus one other family member, not to any specific vehicle. As long as you are present with the vehicle and your membership is active, you may utilize this service.

Who does the membership cover?

The membership covers you and one other family member. Your spouse or another designated family member living in your household with a valid driver’s license can use all the services and benefits at no extra charge. There is a maximum of two members per membership. If other family members wish to use the RoadSide product they need to have their own membership.

How can I be sure the RoadSide tow truck drivers do not have a criminal history?

All of our tow truck drivers have had a thorough background check conducted to ensure they do not have any criminal or sex offender history. They must also undergo regular refresher background checks to continually ensure they meet our high standards and your peace of mind.

Is there a minimum age required to be a member?

No, there is no age requirement as long as the subscribing member has a valid driver’s license and form of payment. Keep in mind, however, that this product is only useful to those persons who are of age to operate a motor vehicle and hold a valid driver’s license.

Where can I use the service?

If you need roadside assistance anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada, simply call the toll-free service number listed on your membership card. This number can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We will arrange to dispatch a service truck to you while you are on the phone.

How long will it take for a dispatched service vehicle to reach me?

The average response time is approximately 30 minutes or less in metropolitan areas and 60 minutes or less in rural areas. Of course, response time will vary depending on weather, traffic and location. Check with your dispatcher at the time of your service call to get the most accurate time estimate.

How far will the RoadSide team tow my car?

Included towing is limited to 15 miles from the point of disablement. Any expenses incurred beyond the 15-mile limit will be the responsibility of the member; the driver will provide a cost before the towing commences.

When will I be billed again?

With your monthly RoadSide subscription, you will be charged automatically each month on the anniversary of when you enrolled.  For example, if you enrolled on the 1st of the month, you will be charged again on the 1st of each consecutive month.

Can I see my billing history?

Yes, your full billing history is available in your online member portal. You will receive instructions on how to access your account right after you sign up. All your Viv product & service subscriptions are in one convenient place.